The Delamere Boys Release Date:
Winter 2022


Sandra Benns

Sandra Benns, a new Canadian author has another two books coming on to the market. Her first three books (fiction) make up a trilogy. The first book, 7 Russell Hill Road, was published May, 2021. Its sequel, 49 Parkwood Avenue was published a few months later, in the summer of 2021. The third book of this trilogy, The Irish Nanny, has a release date of spring, 2022.

Sandra’s other two books, fiction again, are part of a new series. The first book, Hazel G has a publication date of March 30, 2022, and the sequel, The Delamere Boys, with a publication date of winter, 2022.

Sandra’s first non-fiction book, Anthology: Stories from Canadian Incarcerated Women does not have a scheduled publication date yet.

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Author Sandra Benns' Trilogy Books

Publication dates for new fiction releases.

The first book of the trilogy. May 30, 2021 release date.

A multi-generational story of humble beginnings in France, a camp in Germany after World War 11, rural Jamaica, Vietnam, Sweden, USA and an old farm north of Toronto, Canada.

The second book of the trilogy. Summer, 2021 release date.

This is the second book in the series of a Toronto, Canada immigrant family saga. By 2008, the multi-generational members of this growing family still find themselves mired in the ups and downs of life in a complicated diverse family structure.

The third book of the trilogy. Fall, 2022 release date.

The story begins in the summer of 2007, when Maureen O’Reilly, a nineteen-year-old who has lived in the small border town of Strabane, Northern Ireland her whole life, packed her suitcase. As for her new position as a nanny to three small children, she had no doubt that she would have them dancing to her tune within a week. After all, what could possibly go wrong?


Discover Her Second Series

Hazel G is a story of self-invention and love and loss. The timeline of the story is from 1934 to 2016, hence there are a lot of historical facts mixed in with this work of fiction. The character’s story spans her lifetime from nine years old in an orphanage to ninety-one years, moving from Eldon Avenue, just off the Danforth in Toronto, Canada, to her little bungalow on Flintridge Road. She learned right then how to make lemonade from lemons.

The second book of the series. Winter, 2022 release date.

It was 1966 in a small town in the heart of the Canadian Rockies when Reggie Delamere, age eleven, learns that washing dishes at the local restaurant means that he has some supper, with enough left over to take to school for lunch the next day.

At the age of sixteen, dressed in his new Canadian Armed Forces fatigues, Reggie is a few steps further along with his goal of becoming a somebody. And then, we find him at age 40, in a middle-aged crisis. He sets out for Toronto to find his foster mother and the only real home he has ever known. Little did he know this journey would include fathering two sons.

Frankie Delamere, Reggie’s son, is a wanna-be engineer just like his dad. He figured out early on that ladies-of all-ages like a boy in a cowboy hat and he knows how to work it.

Calvin, the baby, is born to be an artist. He was drawing women’s fashions from the get-go. He comes on to the dating scene leaning toward having as many boyfriends as he has girlfriends. He decides early on that there is no need to choose one gender over the other.

In spite of all their differences, the three Delamere boys patch up each other’s misadventures as best they can. Reggie watches his son Frankie take one fork in the road while Calvin chooses a different path altogether.


Prepare For Her Anthology

Sandra's first non-fiction book. Release date to be announced.

The anthology is in its beginning stages. Data collection is quite a process. When we add the care and attention that must be given to each individual woman’s story, there is simply no way to rush this non-fiction collaboration of the hopes, dreams and heartbreak of these particular women that have been or are currently incarcerated in Canada. 

Thank you for supporting Canadian Author Sandra Benns' writing journey

“Expect great things.”
– William Carey